*Patent Pending

The Power To Hydrogen Node P2(H2) NodeTM* is one of our key innnovations that powers the delivery of Giga-scale green hydrogen projects.


It serves as a building block that enables scalability to meet the long-term market demand of green hydrogen.

The modular engineering design of the P2(H2)Node™ centres the electrolysis systems within the wind and solar fields, minimising electrical losses while transmitting the vast majority of renewable energy in molecular form, rather than electrical form. This significantly improves efficiency and permits storage of hydrogen within the pipeline systems.​


We have optimized the systems to deliver cost-competitive green fuels through the adoption and development of the state-of-the-art engineering models. By enhancing our insights on resource variability and the stages at which energy is being transported, transformed, and stored, it has enabled us to quantify economic, environmental, and technical benefits for the most advanced green hydrogen projects at scale.